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Program Overview




Future Stars of Dayton began in the fall of 2014 through the vision and tenacity of Jonathan Cain, Program Founder and Executive Director. A servant leader within his community, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience in youth programming and passion for our youth. Jonathan has had the opportunity and privilege to serve as mentor and life coach to young people within his community. Born and raised in Dayton, OH, Jonathan is intimately aware of the challenges that face our youth having navigated the path all his life. He is proud to be a product of a support system that taught him he was full of possibility. As a youth, he was enriched through programs which includes Sinclair Community College's "Young Scholars Program" and Central State's "Upward Bound Program." Jonathan firmly believes that when someone is given the opportunity and encouragement to build on their God-given potential, there is little that they cannot accomplish; and he is intent on providing those same opportunities to young males of today by being a living representation of intestinal fortitude.




Headquartered in Dayton, OH, F.S.O.D. is a character development enrichment program created to bridge the achievement and social gaps between youth and society. F.S.O.D. offers male and female grades K-12 one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, tutoring, counseling, character development training, art and crafts, physical fitness & nutrition, athletics, non-violent conflict resolution/mediation, leadership development, community engagement and educational and recreational trips. This program is a collaboration of parents/guardians, organizations, schools and the community  committed to addressing the stark social, economic and political realities confronting young males. Due to success and positive outcomes, we are extending it beyond after school hours and will add sessions on the weekend during the academic school year. In an effort to achieve our goals, our program also provides training and workshops for the families of our STARS. Lastly, A key benefit of this program is that our Stars are actively involved in areas of program development, educational and recreational planned trips to establish and maintain program ownership.







Program Goals

1. Foster enrichment to add value to current "STARS" success.

2. Increase 3rd grade reading achievement results.


3. Provide positive male and female role models to reinforce academic and life success.


4. Be a support system for parents, guardians and families.


5. Build character and enhance "STARS" to become respectful, responsible and trustworthy, young women and men with the highest level of intestinal fortitude.


6. Encourage partnerships throughout Montgomery County.

7. Directly impact families, schools and community collectively.


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