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Devon Berry

Volunteer Programs


FSOD Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a critical element to a child's social, emotional and cognitive development. It not only helps build a sense of knowledge and competency, but also boosts academic performance and broadens horizons. There is no doubt, young people who have the benefit of caring and supportive adult mentors are able to navigate thorugh life more successfully and avoid pot holes on their road to adulthood.


As research has shown, many children in the Dayton area have poor attendance, low test scores, lack basic skills and are subject to negative social conditions. These statistics have contributed to the drop out rate.


FSOD mentoring program is focused on strategically matching qualified and dependable mentors with mentees within Montgomery County. These partnerships and strong collaborations will be the driving force to empowering a generation of success.


All approved mentors will receive on-going training and continued state and federal background checks.


Become A Mentor


Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House is designed to give civic leaders, community activist, professionals and other valuable members of our community the opportunity to give back by coming in to our program and speaking with our youth. Our students want to learn about YOU! They want to know how you got to the place you are today and what factors played a major role in your success.


Speaker of the House also provides invaluable experience to our students, many of which would never receive outside of this program. It enables them to see up close and in person people they see on television, read about and desire to become like. This dialogue creates relationships, encourages, builds esteem, confidence and a CAN-DO in our students!


This program was designed to enable dignitaries with complicated schedules the opportunity to come in for a short period of time and interact with our youth. The precious minutes YOU share will empower a generation of success!


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